Self-Taught, Self-Made –
The Story of a Startup Influencer

Growth has been a constant theme throughout my career ever since I started working at 16. I’m passionate not just about my own growth, but the growth of others too, and I work hard to inspire tech talent to create new products that solve problems.

A Variety of

Along the way, I’ve been involved in many different ventures, from marketing and advertising, to tech and business development. The common thread that connects them all is my desire to improve people’s lives and businesses in an efficient and meaningful way. I’ve founded and developed several notable projects, including Remotely and Founderly, that help entrepreneurs thrive, and I’ve built and sold numerous products & brands for profit, including Bloom, a personal CRM that automates the cumbersome process of managing contacts with a personal touch, and Builder, a tool to make landing pages on the fly based on a targeted segment.

Skills That
Push Boundaries

My diverse stack of skills has helped me continue to push boundaries in the tech world and create bigger and better products. These include (but are definitely not limited to) growth hacking, startup strategy, and full-stack product management.

This eclectic mix of skills and interests led me to build Founderly, a platform that supports tech employees while they become entrepreneurs alongside their day jobs. The brand has received a lot of buzz and interest, and I successfully negotiated and secured partnership offerings with bigger brands and conferences in the first six months of operating.

Like many of the tech talent I work with, I’m also a huge side hustler and I want to help others build their first side hustle or learn the process.

Get in touch
if you need a:

Growth Extraordinaire

I believe in steady organic growth and pride myself on taking companies from a seed to successful using tried-and-tested tactics.

Startup Strategist

I work with startups to create success strategies that help them stand out with attention-grabbing branding, value proposition, investment, partnerships and, of course, organic growth. I actively guide startups from inception toward product-market fit.

Talent Investor

I invest in talented individuals and help unlock their latent potential. My goal is to provide the necessary funding, guidance, and community that they need to nurture their amazing minds and help them become the great scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs of the future.

Company Builder

I use my expertise and opportunity-driven mindset to build teams with business- and tech-acumen and help them launch new and exciting products. I partner with corporates, investors, and funded startups to facilitate success.

Startup Influencer Making an Impact

When I’m not helping other tech-savvy sorts bring their visions to life, I enjoy exploring various startup ecosystems and bringing like-minded people together. Each year, I attend around 10 conferences to absorb new techniques and meet inspiring people. This ties in with my passion for travel. I’ve been to more than 25 countries and relish spending time exploring new cultures and their local food.

I’m also a keen media enthusiast and self-diagnosed tech geek, and I love nothing more than connecting with fellow creators, bloggers, and influencers. The tech geek part of me is obsessed with automation for micro-tasks - seriously, I have more than 20 bots running 24/7 to help me with business operations, contact marketing, managing my side businesses, sending newsletters, and more. This really is the future!